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Redvulette where did it start, well it’s not my grandmothers secret recipe, I am going to keep it real, because there are a good number of you, that will be able to relate to what I am about to say.

My name is Beverley Dowridge a married mother of two children, who is always on the go. Five years ago at a dear friends 50th birthday, I drank some punch, and thought this taste good, but something was missing…
After many evenings of experimenting and tasting with my husband (which I must say was fun) I found what I was looking for in terms of flavour. It was in Trinidad that Redvulette was born and made its first real appearance and where the name Redvulette originated from. That day there wasn’t enough to go round. There was another significant appearance in Cyprus at a beach party in Pathos. It was then that I realised I have something special that everyone loves.
As word spread amongst family & friends, we were producing litres of Redvulette for birthday parties, weddings, christening & funerals. To be perfectly honest every occasion saved on their drinks. With the fantastic comments and support received I was encouraged to make a decision give up or make a business out of this unique drink. After many months of formalities and ensuring legalities and trading standards were met, I was in business with my very loyal and supportive husband Sam.
Redvulette…what does it mean? It now has its own meaning, It is the best rum punch out there, taste the rum and feel the heat!
So there you have it..no gimmicks or fairy tale stories just how Redvulette arrived!!
Of course with every new business you need that little bit of support, so if you haven’t tasted Redvulette before, why not try a bottle, otherwise you’ll never know what you are missing. Just place your order below and enjoy!

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